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Music like you've never before heard.

True Professionalism

We do it all. You'll never go to anyone else for your musical needs.

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Manage Your Artistry

Improve Your Musicianship

Watch your work and client base grow!


We offer various services at Brotha's Keepa! We will list a few right here, right now just to show you how amazing we are at our company!

Artist Management

Many artists starting out have difficulty knowing where to go next. Let Brotha's Keepa help get you on your feet.


We have experienced photographers, videographers, and designers willing and ready to meet your needs.

Instrument Repair and Maintenance

We are tired of taking our expensive equipment to businesses that overcharge for repairs and maintenance. Let us take care of you from now on.

Music and Voice Lessons

Our trained singers and musicians can help turn you into the performer you always knew you could be.

Event Performances

Performances are our bread and butter. Our singers, musicians, and dancers will make your event unforgettable.


Brotha's Keepa is a Christian-based organization. Nearly all of our staff is prepared to minister, if the time beckons.


We offer many various services at Brotha's Keepa! We will list a few right here, right now just to show you how great we are at our BK!

OUR Awesome TEAM

Our team is as good as they come. We all come from different backgrounds, but we share at least this in common: our love for music and the local community. Take a look!

Norman Stewart
Norman "EJ" Stewart Founder, CEO, Keyboard, Drums, Bass
Chris Duncan
Christopher Duncan Media Director, Guitar, Bass, Drums
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Reginald McNeil Music Director, Piano, Organ, Auxillary, Drums, Vox
Norman Stewart Norman "EJ" Stewart Founder,CEO, Keyboard, Organ, Drums, Bass

About Me

Music runs through my veins! I've been a musician since my youth. I served in the Navy as an engineer for three years. I earned an Associate's in Electrical Engineering from ITT Tech in 2016 and bolster more than 10 related certifications. All my gifts and abilities truly belong to the community.


  • Consulting 100%
  • Artist Management 100%
  • Branding 95%
  • Musicianship 100%
Team Member Girl Christopher Duncan Multimedia Director Guitar, Bass, Drums

About Me

I'm probably the most passionate, nerdy person you'll ever meet. I graduated from the UNC Charlotte with a BA in Computer Science in December, 2016. I actively involve myself in many of tasks and interests. From social activism to computer programming, I dedicate my life to helping those in need.


  • Consulting 95%
  • Multimedia Projects 90%
  • Musicianship 93%
  • Ministering 97%
Reginald McNeill Reginald McNeill Music Director, Piano, Organ, Auxillery, Drums

About Me

Music is my life. I graduated with my BA in Classical Performance from Methodist University in May, 2017. I now attend ECU pursuing my Master's degree in Jazz and Music Theory. Still, I'm really just your average crazy musician that loves to play!


  • Musicianship 100%
  • Leadership 97%
  • Ministering 95%
  • Professionalism 100%
Team Member Girl Mark Doe Company Ceo

About Me

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  • Speaking 90%
  • People 88%
  • Marketing 86%
  • Campaigning 82%


Our primary concern is caring for our customers and making sure that they are satisfied. Any questions, comments, or concerns you may have are very important to us.