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We've done our fair share of work.

Newcomers might be a little skeptical as to what we have done in the past. Rest assured, Brotha's Keepa has really been up to a lot.

  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Stage Plays
  • Church Services
  • Award Ceremonies

If you can name it, we've probably done it. We have had our hand in every aspect of some events- spanning from the controlling the lighting and sound to preparing the entire production.

If you've got something new for us, we are always up for the challenege. Let us know what you need us for so we can add to our list!


If the proof is in the pudding, then we've got lots of pudding.

Seriously, we do it all. Our trained professionals are able to exceed any expectation. We take pride and careful consideration in ever aspect of our work. You couldn't find a better group of willing workers.

  • Artist Management
  • Music Production
  • Multimedia, Photography, and Videos
  • Event Performance
  • Music and Voice Lessons
  • Instrument Repair

In addition to all our resources, we've already done or plan on doing the type of event you're looking to do. We have already made many dreams into realities. Our experience could be a driving factor in the success of your next event.


Looking to be a part of what we do?

Since Brotha's Keepa is known for doing it all, we also need all the workers we can get. Nearly everyone in our crew is multi-talented and are used when and where they are needed.

  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Dancers
  • Visual Artists
  • Stage Crew

We would be glad to have you on our team. If you have a passion for helping people and hard work, you've come to the right place.


Got something to say? Let us know.

If you have any questions or suggestions about what we do or how we do it, we want to know!

  • Artist Management
  • Booking
  • Music and Voice Lessons
  • Pricing

You should shoot us an email at brothaskeepamp@gmail.com. We will help you as much as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!


"Book them, book them, book them! You will not be disappointed! I promise you that!" -CW3 James Virges, Jr.

Thank you all so much for the beautiful message through song tonight! Cannot wait to hear more from you!


  • 47

    Successful Events

  • 26

    Repaired Instruments

  • 3

    Managed Artists

  • 1297

    Social Media Followers

  • 63

    Clients Satisfied


  • Ministering

  • Singing

  • Teaching

  • Making Music

  • Laughing



  • Helping

    The driving engine behind Brotha's Keepa is our incessant desire to help anyone in need. We want to see artists grow. We want to see your ministry flourish. Most importantly, we want to change lives through the power of Christ.

  • Making Music

    While we have awesome artists that work outside the music ministry, one of our main passions is making music. Most of our team can sing, dance, and/or play one or more instruments. We'd love to use our gifts to impact an event in your area!

  • Artist Management

    One of our overarching motos in Brotha's Keepa is "No artist belongs to BK." In other words, our goal while managing an artist is to further their career and ministry as much as we can. All our resources are at our artists' disposal, but when they feel as though their time is up at BK, their free to leave at any time.

Return on Investment

If you invest in us, you truly invest in yourself. Our goal is to exceed all expectations. Whatever you give, we give back in performance and long-lasting influence.

Proven Excellence

We have yet to get one negative review from any of our clients. Our excellence is tried and true!

Electrifying Performances

Our artists consistently wow audiences and leave lasting impressions in congregations.

Prolific Ministry Experiences

Those who have used us for their events know how impactful we can be in addition to their personal ministries.

Top-Notch Artists

All of our artists operate with top-of-the-line musicianship and professionalism.

Lasting Relationships

With our amazing staff and all that we have to offer, nearly all our clients stay in contact and use us again. We have a feeling that you visiting our site is the beginning of a long, beautiful friendship.


Our artists are important to us. We pride ourselves in providing assistance with their personal marketing campaigns.

Music Lessons

Along with management, production and events, we also have trained professionals teaching music and voice lessons!

Artist Consulting

We consult artists so that their ministry and artistry can reach exactly whom they want to reach.

Client Return Rate

Most clients who book us end up coming back for more!


Our team bolsters various artists, musicians, dancers, singers, and much more! On top of that, it's expanding everyday! Take a look at some of our members.

Norman "EJ" Stewart

Founder, CEO, Musician

Christopher Duncan

Media Director, Musician

Reginald McNeill

Music Director, Musician

Amber Stewart

Promoter, Creative Director

Norman "EJ" Stewart Founder, CEO, Keyboard, Drums, Bass

About Me

Music runs through my veins! I've been a musician since my youth. I served in the Navy as an engineer for three years. I earned an AS in Electrical Engineering from ITT Tech in 2016 and bolster more than 10 related certifications. All my gifts and abilities truly belong to the community.


  • Consulting 100%
  • Artist Management 100%
  • Branding 95%
  • Musicianship 100%
Christopher Duncan COO, Media Director, Guitar, Bass, Drums

About Me

I'm probably the most passionate, nerdy person you'll ever meet. I graduated from the UNC Charlotte with a BA in Computer Science in December, 2016. I actively involve myself in many of tasks and interests. From social activism to computer programming, I dedicate my life to helping those in need.


  • Consulting 95%
  • Multimedia Projects 90%
  • Musicianship 93%
  • Ministering 97%
Reginald McNeill Reginald McNeill Music Director, Piano, Organ, Auxillery, Drums

About Me

Music is my life. I graduated with my BA in Classical Performance from Methodist University in May, 2017. I now attend ECU pursuing my Master's degree in Jazz and Music Theory. Still, I'm really just your average crazy musician that loves to play!


  • Piano 100%
  • Organ 97%
  • Leadership 95%
  • Musical Arrangments 99%
Amber Stewart Promoter, Creative Director

About Me

I'm a creative visionary at heart. I strive to use the gifts God gave me in singing and design I've been singing in choirs since I can remember. Now I use my gifts and creativity to reach as many people as I can


  • Design 92%
  • Singing 94%
  • Marketing 89%
  • Promoting 96%

Each of you should be concerned not only about your own interests
but about the interests of others as well." -Phillipians 2:4